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Carbon War Meat consumption CO2 emission

CO2 emission/load (and environmental waste) should be reduced by rigorously reducing the meat industry. Man is not a born carnivore, the meat consumption, especially in the industrialized world, is completely out of proportion.

The World Today December 2015  Diet and climate change: the Heat from the Meat

It is time to put Meat on the negotiation table

It is time for action and this is an idea for a documentary.

Virgin Earth Challenge

The  ‘Meat Our Planet ‘ project

When you look at it more philosophical or from a ‘GAIA perspective’ daily massive slaughter of fellow life of this planet is a hidden tragedy.  And for what purpose.

A controversial- and disturbing documentary (as a kind of sequel to Al Gore’s  ‘The Inconvenient Truth’) about the horrifying aspects of the meat industry as a wake up call for humanity to care more for our environment and (fellow)life on our blue planet. Meat contains elementary amino-acids which are essential for mankind, but there are other ways to produce it. Too much meat is one of the main causes of ‘Western’ diseases. Reduction of the meat industry will reduce the CO2 emission.

The documentary as I see it would be extremely confronting, but hopefully lead to a change of mindset in looking at the need (and dangers) of meat consumption.

This is only a rough sketch of the idea I have. I would be honoured to hear your opinion.

Thanking you in advance and with kind regards,

Allan Vafi


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